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Awards & Honours

UTS offers scholarships and prizes for academic achievements and awards for excellence in many aspects of school life. The number and variety of these awards cover all grade levels and stimulate pride in outstanding achievement.

These awards are given annually thanks to the generosity of alumni, parents, students and friends of the school.

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Please note that our awards list is under ongoing review. Availability is subject to change. 



The H. J. Crawford Award was created to commemorate UTS' Centennial Celebrations. H. J. 'Bull' Crawford was the first Headmaster of UTS from 1910 -1923. Crawford truly set the tone for UTS with his powerful personality, fine academic background and high ideals. Crawford believed that UTS should be foremost in scholarship and athletics, but above all, in making good citizens.

The H. J. Crawford Award is given in recognition of significant contributions to the advancement of UTS by an individual or group through commitment, dedication and volunteerism, and a lifetime of significant achievements in contributing to the greater society.

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Nominations will stay active for 5 years; nominees can then be renominated if they have not been chosen during that time.

2016 Al Fleming '54
Al Fleming has been a stalwart supporter of UTS for more than five decades as alumnus, teacher, principal, and volunteer. He is recognized for his inspiring teaching; his firm and steady hand at the helm as principal; and for being a well-rounded, beloved role model for all who have known him.


2015 William (Bill) Bill Saunderson '52
Bill Saunderson was instrumental in shaping the UTS Foundation, serving as its inaugural board chair from 2006 to the present. His efforts have both ensured accessibility to a UTS education for bursary students and helped preserve the school’s merit-based admission.


2014 Michael Spence '62
Michael Spence received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2001. A renowned academic, he is a professor at the New York University Stern School of Business, and has served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard, and Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He receives the Crawford Award in recognition of contributions to our greater society as well as his support of the advancement of UTS.


2013 C. Derek S. Bate '44
Over the course of 70 years, Derek Bate has served UTS through his contributions and dedication as an alumnus, teacher, administrator and volunteer.


2012 H. Donald Gutteridge
Joining UTS as a teacher in 1961, Don Gutteridge served as principal from 1972 to 1983. His profound dedication to educational ideals and forward-thinking vision were transformative. Don has been a stalwart supporter of UTS for 50 years and his commitment to the school has been unwavering.


2011 J.A. “Jack” Rhind ’38
A prominent Canadian business leader, John ‘Jack’ Rhind, has demonstrated a commitment to UTS through his leadership of the successful 1980 inaugural student bursary program and a standard of excellence in the field of business philanthropy over many years.


2011 John “Butch” Bowden ’48
A successful businessman, John Bowden, has demonstrated a commitment to UTS through his leadership of the 1994 Preserving the Opportunity bursary campaign and his continuous and unstinting performance as a Class Representative throughout his alumni years.


2011 The late John Macaulay ’45
A successful businessman, John Macaulay, demonstrated a commitment to UTS through his leadership in the various student bursary campaigns over the past 25 years and his continuous and varied philanthropic volunteer efforts to society at large.


2010 Bob Lord '58
While Chair of the UTS Board, Bob Lord's commitment, dedication and leadership was been unsurpassed, guiding UTS through its independence from the University of Toronto. He has also been extensively involved in the volunteer and not-for-profit sectors beyond UTS and has had a successful and distinguished business career.


2009 The Late Dr. John Evans '46
A prominent citizen of Canada and the world, John Evans continually demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to UTS and its community. Over the years, John was a model of leadership and achieved a high standard of excellence in the worlds of academia, business and philanthropy.



The UTS Heartwood Award for Volunteer Service was created by University of Toronto Schools in 2016 to recognize and celebrate the exceptional volunteer service of members of the UTS community who have contributed to the betterment of the school through their outstanding volunteer actions. Just as the heartwood, the central core of a tree, provides strength to the tree, so, too, do these volunteers provide strength to UTS.

Marko Duic ’76
Marko joined the Branching Out mentorship program in 2012 and has been an active mentor ever since, going above and beyond the scope of the program. With Marko’s guidance, his assigned and “adopted” student mentees have interned at Southlake and St. Joseph’s Hospitals, leading to summer jobs for many of them. Some have become involved in his Investment Club or attended concerts hosted by Marko . Well after each year’s mentorship program concludes, Marko continues to stay in touch with students, supporting them as they progress through University and beyond.

Ann Unger
Upon her retirement, after 15 years of contributing to UTS as an art teacher, and having served as the school’s first Vice-Principal, Ann’s parting gift to the school was the creation of The Keys Gallery. Since 1999, The Keys Gallery has promoted art-making and art-related discussions among the UTS community through yearly exhibits of works by alumni, parents, or teaching staff. Ann is being recognized today for the creation and continued stewardship of the Keys Gallery. It is a jewel in our crown! Any members of the UTS community should consider exhibiting at the Keys Gallery.

Anthony Lee ‘86
In 2008 , Anthony introduced Taiko drumming to UTS. Since then, he’s spent countless hours teaching and rehearsing with students, culminating with a Platinum award-winning achievement at the Kiwanis Music Festival in 2014 and 2015. This past March, alumni and parents were given the opportunity to try out Taiko drumming as Anthony led a workshop open to the UTS community. Beyond teaching, Anthony has spearheaded fundraising initiatives amongst his class. As a member of the UTSAA Events Committee, Anthony has organized events at the ROM, the AGO, and the Textile Museum of Canada. In addition to these roles, Anthony has also participated as a mentor in the Branching Out mentorship program since 2010.

Suzanne Martin ’84
Suzanne has a dual connection to UTS, as an alumna of 1984 and as parent to two alumni, Adam ’11 and Cameron ’15. Suzanne has worked tirelessly for the UTS Parents Association, and created and developed their whole operations system. The current UTSPA Co-Presidents note that they are thankful for this at every event! Suzanne has also been active in engaging her class of 1984 with the school, and attending UTSAA events. She is currently working with her classmates to raise funds for our future building.

Paul Moore
Known as Dr. Moore to his many students, Paul taught Latin and Classics at UTS for 13 years. Paul’s retirement in 2000 by no means signaled the end of his involvement with UTS. Over the last 9 years, Paul has extensively researched the alumni veterans and has traveled the world, both physically and vicariously through others, searching out the final resting place of each of the ‘Old Boys’ who were killed in action in WWI. His research is the backbone of the World War I Commemorative Project, an online resource that provides biographical information on every single alumnus or faculty member killed in WWI. With the completion of this project, Paul has shifted his focus to the fallen alumni of WWII. We look forward to sharing this work with the community.

Mark Shuper ‘88
Through his initiative in establishing a class bursary, Mark has changed the face of philanthropy at UTS. In honour of their 25th anniversary, Mark set a fundraising goal of $250,000 to establish the Class of ’88 Bursary, inspiring other classes to follow his lead. As an example, in the creation of their class bursary, the Class of 1962 had set an initial goal of $50,000. Upon learning of the incredible efforts of their younger counterparts, the class of ’62 were inspired, or challenged, to meet or exceed the goal set by a class 25 years their junior. To date, the Class of 1988 Bursary is very close to reaching the goal they set only 3 years ago.


Induction into the UTS Hall of Fame honours an outstanding achievement made by an individual alumnus/alumna, or group of alumni, while attending UTS as part of the student or teaching body. Alumni who have realized outstanding achievements in their profession, or passionate pursuit as a result of the learning fostered as a student at UTS, will also be deemed eligible for the UTS Hall of Fame.

The UTS Hall of Fame was introduced in October 2009.

2016 Inductees

Recipients of the Ontario Students Classics Conference's John Bell Memorial Award that is awarded to students who have won five or more academic first prizes at the conference:

Sujit Roy ’99 (1999)

David Lizoain ’00 (1998) 

Carl Shulman ’01 (2000, 2001) 

Leon Grek ’04 (2001)

Mackenzie Tan ’05 (2005) 

Rafael Krichevsky ’08 (2007, 2008)

Jeremy Zung ’08 (2007) 

Jenny Gu ’09 (2005, 2006, 2009)

Jessica Zung ’12 (2009, 2011, 2012)

Joshua Zung ’14 (2010, 2011, 2013, 2014)

Zhenglin Liu ’15 (2011, 2014) 

Spencer Zhao ’16 (2003)


And for his leadership in the attainment of 19 consecutive Classics conference victories, former teacher:

Eugene DiSante


2015 Inductees

First-place finishers at International Career Development Conference competition (DECA's international competition):

Isabella Chiu ’13 (2012)

Stephanie Dong ’15 (2014)

Kristen Gracie ’15 (2014)

Angela He ’15 (2014)

Sarah Liu ’13 (2011, 2012, 2013)

Heather Tang ’15 (2015)

Gloria Wu ’15 (2014)

2014 Inductees

The Senior Hockey Teams of 1953 and 1954, who were Senior Hockey Champions in the Toronto District Interscholastic Athletic Association (TDIAA)

2013 Inductees

Gold Medal Winners - Math and Sciences Olympiads:

Colin Plumb ’86 (Chemistry)

Ian Goldberg ’91 (Mathematics)

Edward Leung ’94 (Mathematics)

Jacob Tsimerman ’06 (Mathematics)

Peter Lu ’07 (Chemistry)

Gordon Bae ’08 (Chemistry)

Melody Guan ’12 (Biology)

2012 Inductees

Ornella Barrett

Retired UTS Health and Physical Education teacher

Ron Wakelin

Retired UTS Health and Physical Education teacher

Girls Field Hockey Teams

1991–92 and 1992–93

2011 Inductees

Kim Lee Kho '81

Award-winning visual artist and art instructor

Jamie Sommerville '80

Recording artist, principal horn for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, musical director for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

Don Boutros

retired UTS art teacher

John Fautley,

Retired UTS music teacher

Natalie Kuzmich

Retired UTS music teacher

Ann Unger

Retired UTS art teacher

Bruce Maclean

Retired UTS teacher

2009 Inductees

1919 Memorial Cup Hockey Champions

1961 TDIAA Football Champions

1973 TDIAA Swim team Champions

Don Fawcett ’51, Football, Basketball and Hockey Coach