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UTS enjoys a unique urban location. The school is situated on the University of Toronto St. George campus and is at the south-east corner of Toronto’s Bloor-Spadina intersection – a major transportation hub easily reached from across the GTA. The school is part of a lively cityscape and students and staff have access to many important cultural and educational institutions in the downtown core and beyond. 

In December 2015, the Governing Council of the University of Toronto ratified a renewed Affiliation Agreement with UTS. The UTS library is part of the university library system, and our affiliation allows our students access to university libraries as well as to a range of university sports and athletics facilities. 

UTS continues to strengthen ties and to develop its many partnerships with the University. The school is also making plans for an exciting and comprehensive renewal of our space at 371 Bloor Street West. The redevelopment will seek to preserve the historic character of our building and will transform our school into a state-of-art educational environment that accommodates 21st century learning needs.



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