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The UTS Foundation was created in May 2006 for the express purpose of managing and ensuring the maximum return of funds that had been stewarded until 2007 by the University of Toronto. The Foundation’s mandate is to develop, maintain and preserve the school’s long-term invested funds.

There are three types of funds that the Foundation stewards:

  1. Building funds intended for capital development;
  2. Scholarship, award and bursary funds; and
  3. Discretionary funds intended for various purposes.

The Foundation currently holds investments of approximately $44.7 million. Annual disbursements, comprising the income and gains of these investments, primarily are used to support scholarships, awards and bursaries. Additional earnings are reinvested to ensure continued growth of the funds.

The members of the UTS Foundation Board of Directors are:

Peter Buzzi ’77, President

Paul Barnicke ’71

Vanessa Grant ’80

Kath Hammond '87 P'20


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