University of Toronto Schools:

  • Is committed to accessibility for all students who are admitted to UTS.

  • Recognizes the financial constraints upon those who qualify.

  • Will allocate available funds using a process that is consistent, equitable and strives to match available funds to need as closely as practical each year.

  • Will aim to increase available bursary funds commensurate with the increase in tuition.

  • Will draw bursary funds from the UTS Foundation and the “top up” funds raised through annual giving.

  • Engages Apple Financial Services to provide analysis and recommend financial assistance; the UTS Bursary Committee places significant reliance on the recommendations made by Apple Financial, however, the Committee makes all decisions about the actual amounts of assistance offered.

  • Requests each family offer to pay as large a portion of tuition as they are genuinely able to.

  • Ensures that applications for financial assistance are reviewed and evaluated independently from admission applications.

  • Is committed to the assessment of financial need based on three categories of criteria:

    1. Primary criteria (includes income and net worth).

    2. Secondary criteria (includes number of children, childcare costs, other UTS students and dependents).

    3. Tertiary criteria (includes vacation, camps, lessons, sports/arts (recognize international competitors as a special category), transport to school, age and type of work performed by parents, and discretionary spending).

  • Will grant bursaries ranging from 5% of tuition fee to full bursary support, including the enrolment fee for new students.

Measures of successful bursary allocation:

  • At least 20% of UTS students are on bursary support, ranging from 5% to 100% of tuition.

  • Average bursary size is at least 35% of tuition fee.

  • Returning bursary students receive at least the same bursary support compared to the prior year, given a similar financial situation.

  • Socio-economic diversity is supported through this program.

Bursary eligibility guidelines and conditions:

  • UTS requires that all published deadlines be met by the bursary applicant.

  • Applicants must submit the required documentation from both parents, unless they are deceased.

  • Applications to be complete, with all supporting documentation attached.

  • An accurate assessment relies on the integrity, completeness and truthfulness of the applicant’s submission.

  • UTS reserves the right to withhold bursary support from a student and a family where the school’s Policy for Mutual Respect or the school’s Code of Conduct are not adhered to.