Special Projects | 04-May-2017

106 Reasons to Celebrate

Everyone know it’s important to mark life’s milestones. 

Yesterday, former UTS mathematics teacher Bruce “Nails” MacLean, who recently turned 106, did just that. However, in typical “Bruce style”, the festivities weren’t really about him. 

For the fifth year running, Bruce hosted a party at Evangel Hall Mission in Toronto replete with full luncheon and a giant birthday cake to celebrate the birthdays of everyone in attendance. There were also gifts: roses for the women, gift cards for a hot coffee for the men. This generous and gracious gesture has drawn a great deal of media attention over the years but Bruce has always been quick to point out that “This is for everybody!”. 

Bruce taught mathematics at UTS from 1946 to 1959. The nickname "Nails" arose as a reference to the rigour he brought to his classes and to his coaching of the championship UTS senior hockey team. However, his students did not hold a grudge. Many have stayed in touch with him through the years and their affection of him, and respect for him, is palpable. In December 2016, alumni, former hockey players and friends honoured him with a very special Christmas gift! They rallied together to raise more than $1 million to designate Bruce a Founder in the upcoming Building the Future campaign for UTS.

Happy birthday, Bruce! 

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