Principal's Perspective | 29-Sep-2017

Celebrating the Launch of Building the Future

As far back as the turn of the century, the UTS community knew that our building was badly in need of a renewal. That is why, in 1999, the school launched the Building Opportunities campaign with the goal of funding significant upgrades to our facilities. This campaign ended only a few years later, around the time that the University of Toronto decided that UTS would become an independent entity.


Paying for a secondary school was not part of the mission of the University. Fortunately, we were able to enter our affiliation period with a solid base of support, and a nest egg of $10 million which could be used to update our historic building. With careful stewardship, this amount has grown. Since signing our renewed Affiliation Agreement with the University of Toronto in December 2015, we have been quiety approaching members of our community who we knew might be prepared to support a renewed facility.


The results have been so encouraging. By the time we officially launched our Building the Future capital campaign on September 28, we had already raised $40.3 million of the $60 million required. This is incredibly promising for the school. Our community clearly understands that, after 107 years, we would be remiss in not paying attention to the building and tackling the challenge of modernizing.


While we all recognize that a UTS education is about so much more than facilities, we also know that facilities can provide a foundation for innovation, and can fuel the passion of our students and staff by providing spaces for collaboration, creativity and inquiry. This is the time for UTS to build upon our renewed affiliation with the University of Toronto, and to build a facility which can provide a home for future generations of UTS students to flourish.


We invite you to donate now and join us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build the future of UTS!