Out and About | 21-Feb-2018

Congratulations to Our Loran Scholar

Each year, the Loran Scholars Foundation recognizes students who distinguish themselves by combining academic performance with co-curricular activity and leadership skills. In other words, Loran Scholars are awarded for their character as much as their intelligence, and the organization considers its financial prizes - which go to support mentoring and internship opportunities - to be investments rather than rewards.

This recognition of the well rounded person is why UTS is so proud to congratulate Katherine Gotovsky, an S6 student and 2018 Loran Scholar!

Katherine exemplifies the values recognized by the Foundation. In addition to excelling academically, Katherine has demonstrated leadership as a member of student council for the past several years. Since her first exposure to coding in Adam Gregson's computer science class as an M4 student, Katherine has also explored her interest in technology through internships at a software company and a major bank. Coding for real-world businesses, in turn, has inspired further leadership initiatives.

"One thing that I noticed when I went into those workplace environments was that there were not any women doing development. That was really upsetting for me. It just seemed sad that the people doing the work that’s at the forefront of innovation and enriching our society werer mostly men.

"Now I do a lot of work encouraging diversity in tech," says Katherine, who is planning a female-focused tech conference with several classmates and also volunteers with women and children  through Canada Learning Code.

Like any good leader, Katherine believes collaboration brings out the best in individuals. Among her fondest memories at UTS are the times when the community has united to organize initiatives like the Day of Pink, put on a drama performance or succeed in a debate tournament. "Seeing people come together as a team to accomplish something is very rewarding."

Katherine attributes much of her success to her fellow students, who inspire with their dedication to fields ranging from athletics to academics. "The fact that other people are so passionate about what they're doing drives you to be passionate about what you're doing. It's a domino effect."

For Katherine, becoming a Loran Scholar is the latest, and one of the most significant, dominos to fall in her time at UTS. And it has set her up to make an even more positive effect in the future.