| 22-Jan-2020

The Huang family describes the importance of giving back to UTS

For the Huang family, giving back is an intrinsic part of their lives and they have never shied away from getting involved in the causes they value. Recent UTS alumna and school Co-Captain, Cameron Linhares-Huang ’19 and her parents Henry ’86 and Albina Huang wholeheartedly agree that supporting UTS and its community has been a pleasure and a priority.


“UTS is a place where students can reach their potential and surround themselves with people who are just as intellectually curious, motivated, and passionate about different subjects,” Cameron says. “Any way in which people give back, whether it be time and volunteering, or financial support… All of those donations are really felt and impact the students.”


This is certainly the case when it comes to the family’s involvement at UTS and the Building the Future campaign. From the beginning, the Huangs have graciously supported the campaign by actively volunteering, generously donating, and championing the 2018 Parent Challenge.


As the youngest donor to the Build the Future campaign, Cameron, a Stanford University student, lights up when describing the importance of donating. “It’s crucial to give back to the community that helped form you in your foundational years... I’m really looking forward to when the new building is all built and I can look back and say that we helped build that,” Cameron remarks.


Her father, Henry ’86 (a physician, former UTS Captain and alumnus) echoes Cameron’s sentiments about paying it forward. “The school is a nurturing place that has launched so many alumni. We give with gratitude to an institution that has helped make our daughter who she is. This compels us to donate and establish new pathways for the next generation of UTS students.” 


In addition to their philanthropy and dedication to supporting both students and alumni alike, the Huangs believe that it is their social duty to help others. Albina, Cameron’s mother, explains, “We must take care of one another. When you help and fundraise, it’s not just for your child, it’s about everyone. UTS has always been like that.”


As we celebrate each milestone of the Building the Future campaign, UTS is immensely grateful to generous supporters, like the Huangs, who are making a positive difference in our community.