In the Classroom | 06-Apr-2017

Parlaying New Technology into Meaningful Learning

By Marc Brims, UTS Canadian & World Studies Teacher

UTS is committed to using technology in ways that support learning and student growth, particularly in enabling students to work collaboratively, to be creative, to communicate their ideas, and to think critically. 

This year, UTS students in the Canadian and World Issues course have been piloting a new roundtable discussion platform called Parlay to further engage in meaningful dialogue that continues beyond the classroom walls. This has encouraged UTS students to source credible evidence, ask thought-provoking questions, and introduce unique perspectives to conversations while building capacity for critical thinking on the web.  

From an assessment perspective, teachers have been able to track class-wide engagement, peer feedback metrics, and individual student contributions to rich discussion topics. Incorporating technology into pedagogy at UTS is imperative to creating meaningful assessment for learning opportunities for students and teachers alike.    

The Parlay developers have been on site to seek feedback from S5 and S6 (Grades 11 and 12) World Issues students on an evolving model that suits enriched UTS learner needs and interests, giving UTS students input on the future development of the platform, and creative control over their own learning. 21st Century learning skills are indeed at the forefront of learning at UTS.