Principal's Perspective | 07-Sep-2017

Summer Happenings

The start of a new school year is a time of excitement and anticipation. We hope that our students and their family members enjoyed some relaxation over the summer.


While some students, parents and staff were away from the building, this summer UTS was again bustling with our Experience Innovation @ UTS programs. Thanks to the efforts of Makeda Daley and our summer program instructors, working in partnership with Master of Teaching candidates and our University and community partners, UTS offered eight unique learning experiences. Over 300 students were involved including students from our sister schools in Shanghai and Beijing. These programs included:

  1. Aerospace Academy (Nandita Bajaj, Mike Farley)

  2. Bright Lights in the Lab (Anand Mahadevan, Maria Nino)

  3. Game Design (Simon Cheng)

  4. Global Health Mini Masters (Matthew DeClerico, Daniel Genesee)

  5. I Think (Vince Danetta, Katherine Joyce)

  6. Math Academy (Mark Sunderland)

  7. Maximum City (Josh Fullan, Eleanor Rae)

  8. Speech and Debate (Sagalina Coco Doré)

In addition, during July, mathematics teacher Serguei Ianine escorted a group of students to Shanghai to undertake a summer program at our sister school, Number Two High School Affiliated with East China Normal University. Teachers Katherine Joyce and Negar Shayan accompanied two students to Hamburg for the G20 meeting. In late June and July, international languages teachers Nicola Townend and Josh Fullan coordinated the visit of two staff and approximately 20 students from Frankfurt. We are appreciative of all of their initiative and effort.

New and Returning Staff

This September UTS welcomed three new teaching staff: Alan Kraguljac, who is joining the Science department; Cait Nishimura, who was here briefly a year ago and is returning to teach music and art; and Vernon Kee (on secondment from the TDSB), who will be teaching computer science, science and assisting with technology integration. Prof. Angela Vemic will be the new Director of the Eureka! Research Institute @ UTS which will be formally launched on August 27th, 2017. Matt Semansky has joined our Advancement Team as Communications Coordinator. Also, we are pleased to welcome back to UTS James Campbell and Richard Cook after their international adventures.
Rosemary Evans, Principal