March Break 


We look forward to offering March Break programs again in 2022!
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Join students from Toronto and around the world and actively engage in problem-solving and inquiry learning. Experience learning with exceptional teachers and university instructors with exciting full-day programming. Extended care and lunch option available.





Grades 5 to 7



This camp is for you if you...


☑️ Love animals of all kinds           

☑️ Want to develop your art skills, regardless of your current ability         

☑️ Are interested in boosting your creativity


If you love animals and want to learn more about them through making art, then this might be the perfect camp for you. Activities will include sketching, painting, sculpting, and more. We will explore techniques such as gestures, proportions, perspectives, light and shadow, textures, and colours. Guest speakers will present about efforts around the world to protect and cherish animals, including farm animals, wildlife, and companion animals. The week will also include a virtual field trip to an animal sanctuary. You will gain an expanded sense of empathy, a renewed love for animals of all kinds, and an enhanced confidence and skill set in visual art. All levels of art experience and skill are welcome!



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Grades 7 to 9

This camp is for you if you...


☑️ Like science          

☑️ Have an interest in research          

☑️ Are interested in the brain



Learn about the brain while taking care of it!


In order to offer students a safe and stimulating environment our Labs have moved online. With a continued focus on neuroscience and understanding the brain, we will offer students the opportunity to develop their lab skills through the use of a virtual animal model, to learn about lab design and experimentation.


Our Explorers (Grade 7, 8, 9) will develop their lab techniques, to develop an appreciation for the research process and develop critical thinking and design skills for a greater understanding of how science is applied.


Campers will have the opportunity to work with a university-level neuroscience software to design their project. They will be co-learning neuroscience concepts, conducting experiments, participating in brain training games in breakout rooms to further extend their learning. In addition to our daily programming, students will also be learning about the impact of mindfulness techniques and find ones that they can incorporate into their daily routine.


Hear what students who attended our Summer session have to say in our latest video.

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Grades 6, 7, and 8

This camp is for you if you...


☑️ Enjoy research           

☑️ Are a team player           

☑️ Like to speak in front of a group



If you are new to the art of debate, this summer program is ideal to get you ready to think on your feet. Students will work with seasoned debaters and coaches to learn about core debate skills. This program offers students the ability to learn the basics needed to understand Canadian parliamentary debating. Whether you are seeking to get involved in competitive debate or just want to feel more comfortable speaking in public, this program is sure to build confidence in your skills.

No debate experience necessary!


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Grades 6 to 9

This camp is for you if you...


☑️ Are a problem-solver         

☑️ Like to think outside the box    

☑️ Want to change the world!


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Who are the people who bring about great changes in our world? How do they do it? Inspired by Getting Beyond Better, the book by Roger L. Martin and Sally R. Osberg, participants in the I-Think Summer Institute will explore the mindsets and tools of social entrepreneurs. These inspiring leaders—call them disrupters, visionaries, or change makers—develop, build, and scale their solutions to bring about truly lasting social change. But to succeed in bringing about that change requires a different kind of thinking. I-Think offers students who really want to change the world the opportunity to learn to think like a social entrepreneur and apply Integrative Thinking to a real-world challenge.


Grades 5 to 12


This camp is for you if you...


☑️ Want to tackle problems facing cities in the 21st Century      

☑️ Want to practice design, data, and collaboration skills

☑️ Like getting outside to explore your neighbourhood

☑️ Are interested in the environment, well-being, and sustainability



This online and outdoor camp offers a series of hands-on activities for investigating and improving local neighbourhoods through collaboration and design . Sessions are taught through Google Classroom and Google Meet by trained teachers with experience in e-learning and civic education, using Maximum City’s YouthScore and KidScore platforms which have been used for assessing the child-friendliness of cities worldwide. Camp registration is open to ages 8-18 but campers will be grouped by age for activities. Camp activities will take place online with daily self-guided outdoor activities where possible and permitted.


Click here to see what a typical Maximum City day is like.


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Financial Assistance

Experience Innovation @ UTS GATE Initiative


Gaining Access Through Enrichment


University of Toronto Schools (UTS) welcomes interested students to attend our Experience Innovation programs in 2021.


Sometimes families need a little help, and UTS would like to lend a hand!


Eligible students could receive one of a limited number of grants available for summer programs, which may include the cost of lunch and transportation. Before submitting an application, please ensure that you meet the following criteria:

• Your child must have completed the appropriate grade level for the program you are interested in.

• You must have a teacher ready to act as a reference on behalf of your child. You will need to share their contact information.

• You must have a copy of your child's most recent report card.


Interested? Check back in fall 2021 for more information.