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Parents and guardians are an integral and valued part of the UTS community. The school is committed to partnering with families to ensure student success, and to keeping parents and guardians apprised of the development and progress of their child.

For many families, their affection and appreciation for the school is so profound, they stay connected even once their child has graduated.

Our students’ families contribute immeasurably to the richness of school life by sharing their insights and expertize with the school, serving on the UTS Board of Directors and committees, attending school activities, cheering on sports teams, or hosting meet-and-greet occasions with the principal – and so on.

The UTS Parents Association (UTSPA) is an active and vibrant force in the UTS community. Its energetic contingent of volunteers works to support UTS students and staff and to engage and connect parents and guardians through a variety of initiatives and activities.


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