Student Support at UTS

UTS students are full of ambition and they’re here to embrace all of their possibilities. No matter how high they fly and how far they want to go, we’re there for them.

Every student, every step of the way

All students should feel welcome, safe, valued, seen and included at UTS.

Mental health and wellness is key to empowerment, a cornerstone of our Strategic Plan that underscores all that we do. Students must be grounded so they can soar. UTS fosters a caring and supportive culture, where students and staff lift each other up to even greater heights. 

Extensive guidance programming goes above and beyond to care for the student as a whole. Students learn to strive for balance, while pursuing their ambitions with an unwavering foundation of support. Mentorship programs build community, encouraging students and alumni to help each other. UTS Community Connections provides a  welcoming space for prospective students and families from historically underrepresented communities to connect with current students, families, and staff.

Most of all, we embrace our differences, thriving on our diversity. Our greatest achievement is the strength of our community. All are welcome here.

The UTS wellness commitment to students

Unequivocal support with guidance and counselling

Mentorship is a way of life at UTS

UTS Community Connections