Established in 1910 by the University of Toronto, UTS is today the only university preparatory school in Canada, Grades 7 to 12, based solely on merit and affiliated with a university.


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The power of merit-based admissions and our affiliation with the University of Toronto is that it allows UTS to attract a unique and diverse community of exceptionally talented students to learn and grow from each other.  Here they are challenged and guided by extraordinary, award-winning teachers, to become socially responsible global citizens.

Thanks to our affiliation with the University of Toronto, our students and staff have access to the University's considerable resources, including library system and athletic facilities, as well as our extensive learning partnerships.


Equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism are the cornerstones of our renewed strategic focus.


At UTS, being committed to excellence, means being committed to life-long learning and self-improvement at both the personal and organizational levels, and examining, on a regular basis, our practices and culture in relation to equitydiversity and inclusion, as well as anti-racism and any cultural biases that pose a systemic barrier. It also means addressing difficult issues head on, but with compassion and empathy; and being cognizant of the need to support our students and staff's wellbeing and mental health at all times, but especially now as we band together to weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

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UTS graduates love learning, take initiative, and innovate as socially responsible global citizens.

Approximately 20% of our students receive financial support. Our strategic priorities will serve to further ensure our accessibility to an even broader range of talented students..

The Office of Admissions is here to guide you through the admissions process. We look forward to getting to know you!


UTS helps envision a better water future for our planet

UTS helps envision a better water future for our planet

    On March 23 at the beginning of lunch break, several University of Toronto Schools students paused in unison, and took a sip of tap water from their reusable bottles. It wasn't just any sip of water. This was the Great Gulp, a small yet symbolic collective gesture for a campaign by Ecoschools to...
Students on the UTS Committee on Culture Reform

Students are the driving force to change the culture of consent at UTS

    A group of six students played an instrumental role in revising the sexual misconduct protocol at University of Toronto Schools (UTS), working in tandem with the school lawyers and administration, as...

From the Kingdom of Kush to Dr. Rosemari Mealy, UTS honours Black History Month

  This February, UTS honoured Black History Month. From the Kingdom of Kush to hosting renowned civil rights activist Dr. Rosemari Mealy, Black History Month came alive at our school, as we studied and...