Lang Innovation Lab

A bold culture of innovation thrives at UTS. The Lang Innovation Lab is the hub, with possibilities as limitless as the minds of our students. UTS students see challenges facing our city and our world, and seek solutions. They develop apps, launch social enterprises and businesses, design inventions and meld disciplines such as art and science.

We help students bring their ideas to life

The Lang Innovation Lab is a space to explore their ideas, and students have all the support they need to transform their enterprising visions into tangible reality. They can get hands on with technology and tools, and be as hi-tech or low-tech as they want to be. From wearable technology to artificial intelligence, robotics to industrial design, students can experiment with an array of tech and robotics supplies.

  • A laser cutter and bank of 3D printers help students bring digital designs and inventions to life.
  • Computer-controlled cutting machines allow students to craft fashion design.
  • Reusable electrical and industrial components allow students to prototype their ideas.
  • Students can explore robotics, starting with a self-contained Makeblock kit, and scale up to programming their own Arduino or Microbot.
  • They can also tap into more traditional modes of creation with a full selection of hand tools.

Classes, clubs and casual use 

When the Lang Innovation Lab is not booked for classes or co-curriculars, students can drop in and work on their personal projects, or just come by to chill out and be creative. They can also take workshops to hone hands-on design and construction skills and learn how to safely use the tools.

Students working on SHOW and the Ontario Classics Conference use the space to design props, sets and costumes.

Clubs as diverse as Robotics, 3D Design, the Girls in Technology Conference, Knitting and more congregate here.

Classes such as Visual Arts and Science also run lessons in the space. 

UTS has always been innovative, but now innovation has a home in the heart of our school, where we expect it to take on a life of its own. 

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