Guidance and Counselling

Extensive guidance programming is a hallmark of the UTS program.
We are there for our students, unequivocally. UTS students aim high,
and that requires an unwavering foundation of support.

Extensive student support

From before day one until graduation, the Student Support team lights their way forward. Their holistic approach cares for the whole student: fostering academic and personal growth backed by overall wellness and a positive lifestyle.

Vital one-on-one support 

Students have their own personal guidance counsellor and can access vital one-on-one support when they need it, anytime. They can also access mental health and wellness support from our social work team and school nurse.  

Guidance programming emphasizes balance

A continuum of guidance seminars and support carries students through their time at UTS. Guidance classes ground F1 to M3 (grade 7 to 10) students in strategies for organization and resilience, emphasizing positive mental health, character strength and managing stress. For middle and senior students, guidance classes strike a balance between post-secondary and career planning and the mental wellness balance that is so crucial to success. 

Expert university applications support  

Our goal is to help students choose the right path for them. We do everything in our power to guide them in exploring all of their potential and possibilities to find the best fit for their future. UTS empowers our students. Planning is key. Students develop their individual academic plan in tandem with their guidance counsellors and Guidance Seminars, with students and their families supported every step of the way. 

Many UTS students make successful applications to prestigious universities and programs. Ultimately, though, it is about the student finding the best choice for them to maximize their potential, and most importantly, their happiness.