UTS Diplomas and Certificates

A UTS education opens doors and pathways with a multi-faceted approach to learning, teaching and deeper understanding, giving students the means to have an impact on the world at large. At UTS, students have the opportunity to earn multiple diplomas. 

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

  • The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is the province's official high school diploma.
  • All UTS students meet, and exceed, the minimum requirements of 30 secondary school credits to earn the OSSD. 

UTS Secondary Diploma

  • The education at UTS goes beyond the minimum requirements of a secondary school education in breadth, depth, and learning opportunities for students. To recognize this, graduating UTS students who demonstrate successful achievement of the goals of the UTS program are awarded the UTS Secondary Diploma.
  • Students who are awarded the UTS Secondary Diploma have completed the UTS academic requirements and 60 hours of community service between M3 (grade 9) and S6 (grade 12), and have demonstrated co-curricular activity that aligns with the strategic priorities of UTS.

UTS Foundation Diploma

  • The Foundation Diploma marks successful completion of Ontario Grade 8, and also recognizes student engagement with the year-long learning themes of Truth and Reconciliation in F1 (Grade 7) and Sustainability in F2 (grade 8).
  • Additionally, students who receive this diploma will have completed a Passion Project, three accelerated grade 9 credits in Math, Science, and Latin, 20 hours of community service, and took part in the outdoor education program.