UTS students make a difference around the corner and across the world. We seek solutions, tackling authentic problems. Our perspective is global. 

We learn for the real world 

Our city is a classroom  

Classes take advantage of our downtown Toronto setting to lead students on field trips to local cultural, civic and geographic landmarks adding authentic experiences to the curriculum.

We take the learning outdoors to teach leadership

Outdoor education is woven into our leadership program through experiential learning, instilling skills in our students that empower them to become global leaders. 

These include overnight excursions to campsites around southern Ontario, where in addition to a variety of exciting outdoor activities, students develop and support each other in exploring and expanding their communication, collaborative and leadership skills.

International excursions bring the learning to life

Students take class trips to bring the learning life, visiting cities such as Ottawa, New York and Washington. Excursions to world-renowned historical sites and cultural institutions to broaden and deepen their academic understanding of their course content.

International partnerships and exchanges forge global connections 

UTS takes part in international partnerships with Number 2 High School Affiliated with East China Normal University in Shanghai, China, Rysensteen Gymnasium in Copenhagen, Denmark, Carl-Schurz-Schule in Frankfurt, Germany, and Tabor Academy in Marion, U.S. These meaningful partnerships provide our students and staff with exchange opportunities to live and learn abroad, and in turn share their own experiences with their host institutions.

UTS participates in a variety of exchanges, offering students the experience of being fully immersed in their language of study in another country. 

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