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While tuition covers the cost of school operations, it is the financial support from dedicated members of the UTS community that truly helps our students succeed, by providing bursary support, a state-of-the art building, and all the resources they require. 

Every gift to UTS is an
investment in the future

The following list of our funding priorities will help direct your gift to the priority that is most important to you.

Expendable Bursary Top-Up

Give students the gift of a UTS education. Your donation to the Bursary Fund makes it possible for more deserving students to overcome financial barriers and receive all the benefits of a UTS education, enriching the diversity of our entire school community.

Bursary Endowment

Support UTS students for generations to come. Your gift to class bursaries or other endowed bursary funds makes it possible for deserving students to overcome financial barriers and receive all the benefits of a UTS education. The bursary program at UTS enriches the diversity of our school community and enhances the student experience.

Area of Greatest Need

Support our most pressing priorities. Supporting our Area of Greatest Need ensures a quick response to pressing and unforeseen financial needs. Your gift directly supports UTS students where it is needed most.

Building Fund / Building the Future Pledge Payments

Thank you for building our future! For more than 100 years, UTS has been home to incredible students and the pride of our alumni. Your donation to the Building Fund supports capital improvements and helps ensure UTS students have the resources they need to succeed.

Endowed Student Awards

Celebrate the achievements of UTS students. Please note that this form is only for payments towards established scholarships and awards.


Support our special projects and initiatives. Your donation to a special initiative contributes to student life through a variety of educational programming.


See the Impact of your Donation!

Estimate your giving potential with appreciated assets such as stocks, mutual funds and RRSPs/RRIFs or with a charitable bequest with this handy new tool. The UTS Giftabulator will walk you through the best ways to give with pretax dollars to optimize your end of the year tax savings. Check it out to see an illustration of the tax savings of your gift to UTS.

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