University Destinations

Where will a UTS education take you next?

Be it around the corner or across the world, UTS alumni pursue a wide range of studies as their next exciting chapter in their lives. We are proud that the education and support we provide has set up our students for success and prepared them for that next step after UTS. Congratulations to all our graduates for their dedication to their education!

Here are the institutions that the Class of 2022 have selected to attend: 



University of Toronto (27)
University of Waterloo (15)
McGill University (14)
McMaster University (14)
Western University (11)
University of British Columbia (8)
Queen's University (3)
York University (2) (includes one gap year)
Toronto Metropolitan University (1)
University of Guelph (1)
University of King's College (1)
University of Ottawa (1)
Wilfrid Laurier University (1)
New York University (4)
Carnegie Mellon University (3)
Parsons School of Design, The New School (3)
University of Southern California (2)
Bowdoin College (1)
Gobelins - L'école de l'image (1)
Johns Hopkins University (1)
King's College London (1)
Northeastern University (1)
Princeton University (1)
Stanford University (1)
University of California, Los Angeles (1)
University of Oxford (1) (taking a gap year)
University of Pennsylvania (1)
Washington University in St. Louis (1)
Yale University (1)