Join the volunteer network that organizes reunion activities and helps classmates keep in touch. Reconnect with UTS by attending the Annual Alumni Dinner, Remembrance Day Assembly, sport tournaments – and bring your classmates out, too! In this role, you’ll also be an important link between the alumni community and the Office of Advancement.

If you are interested in volunteering, or need contact information for your Year Rep,  contact the Alumni Advancement Officer, at  or 416-946-7012.

2020 Kyra Gilson
2020 Vedika Jha
2020 Ezra Moos 

2019 Evan Kanter
2019 Zoe Lazaris
2018 Mirjana Mijalkovic
2018 Benn McGregor
2017 Robert Belanger-Polak
2017 Jiyoon Moon
2016 Jacob Brown
2016 Alexander Cui
2015 Edward Feng
2015 Michael Liu
2015 Ben Mucsi
2014 Daniel Lu
2014 Sara Hwang
2014 Ilya Motamedi
2014 Garo Brik
2013 Angela Chen
2013 Emma Clarke
2013 Joshua Feldman
2013 Zachary Smith
2013 Meghan Keenan
2012 John Lai
2012 Kim Wong
2011 Emily Luk
2011 Adam Martin
2010 Abigail Ferstman
2010 Marc Shi
2009 Laurence Batmazian
2009 Han Yan
2008 Sima Atri
2008 Brett Henderson
2007 Abi Vijenthira
2007 Peter Wills
2006 Katherine Joyce
2006 Louise Harris
2005 Anthony Chiu
2005 Jacqueline Woo
2004 Nina Coutinho
2004 Esther Lexchin
2003 Jonathan Lung
2003 Emily Ross
2002 Howard W Choi
2002 Sidney Chiu
2002 Luke Stark
2001 Diana Chisholm
2001 Richard Kil
2001 David Loach
2000 Janice (Wong) Smajda
2000 Adrienne Liang
1999 Jennifer Fang
1999 Andrea Lee
1998 Brian Li
1998 Ian Speers
1998 Adrienne Wong
1997 Nersi Makki
1997 Jan Schotte
1997 Adrienne K Tse
1996 Pierre Duez
1996 Amanda Martyn
1995 Rob Duncan
1995 Robin Rix
1994 Jennifer Suess
1993 Baldwin Hum
1992 Oliver Jerschow
1991 Marni Halter
1990 Cathy (Brown) Cale
1989 Lesleigh R Cushing
1989 Eric S Petersiel
1988 Mark Opashinov
1987 Jill Presser
1986 David S Weiss
1985 Isi Caulder
1984 Sharon Lavine
1983 Andrew Tremayne
1982 Peter Czegledy
1981 John Chew
1981 Laura Money
1980 Kevin Bossi
1979 Andrew Hainsworth
1978 Penny A. (Medwell) Harbin
1977 Bill Robson
1976 Gavin A. Pitchford
1975 Jeff Ball
1974 Gregory Deacon
1973 Jeffrey Boxer
1973 Ian A. Graham
1972 George V Crawford
1972 Noah Shopsowitz
1971 Peter Neilson
1970 David Quick
1969 Jamie Coatsworth
1968 Wayne Maddever
1967 Cubby Coatsworth
1966 Ronald Hershfield
1965 Peter Wilkie
1964 Paul T Fisher
1963 Nicholas A Smith
1962 Robert Killey
1961 Doug Adamson
1960 Paul Wilson & Dale Taylor
1959 Tibor Szandtner
1958 Doug Peter & Art Elliott
1957 Steve Otto
1956 Peter Brieger
1955 James Domm
1955 John Gardner
1955 Tom Sanderson
1954 Glenn Clark
1953 Doug Wilson
1952 Gerry Crawford
1951 John Kerr
1950 Alex Langford
1949 Donald K Avery
1948 John A Bowden
1947 Vacant
1946 Vacant
1945 Donald G. Bunt
1945 Bill Blundell
1944 Vacant
1943 Vacant
1942 John Mills
1941 Vacant
1940 Vacant
1939 Vacant
1938 Jack Rhind


UTSAA Year Reps provide an important link between the members of their class and the Alumni Association and the school. Through the Year Rep network, alumni can continue to play an important role in the life of the school and act as ambassadors of UTS.

The primary functions of the Year Rep include:

  • Communication to provide flow of information to and from classmates.
  • Participation to strengthen the alumni/school bond by organizing class reunions and supporting alumni events.
  • Cooperation with the Office of Advancement, the school and volunteers to ensure continued alumni involvement in the life at UTS.



Collect information about classmates or upcoming class events via e-mail or telephone for semi-annual publication of the Alumni magazine (published each Fall and Spring). 


Organize or establish a reunion committee to plan 5 year reunion activities (e.g. class event, Annual Dinner participation). It is recommended that this process begin one year in advance of scheduled reunion. 


Attend meetings (e.g. Year Rep strategy meetings), usually scheduled every other year. 

Term of Office

Base term is 5 years in order to achieve continuity, but multiple terms can be served.
Co-Reps are encouraged to help share the tasks.
If you are unable to complete your term for personal circumstances, the Office of Advancement should be notified of the replacement (s) immediately. 

Time Commitment

20-30 hours annually.
In reunion years, time increases directly with each 5 year anniversary (a committee is usually struck to share the workload).


Attend UTS events when possible and encourage fellow classmates to do the same (e.g. Annual Alumni Dinner, Remembrance Day Assembly, Alumni Golf Tournament).
Communicate the concerns of your class to the Office of Advancement and make suggestions or comments on their behalf.


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