We envision a thriving UTS supported by a diverse, inclusive and representative group of alumni who have a strong association with the school and with fellow alumni from across the years.





To support UTS and to help present and future alumni develop and sustain meaningful, lifelong connections to UTS, to each other and to the broader UTS community.





Accountability to members
UTSAA will always be accountable to its members for its actions.


Commitment to Communication
UTSAA is committed to regular and candid communications with its members and the broader UTS community.


UTSAA is committed to acceptance of and respect for the diversity of all its members and the broader UTS community.


Engagement with the UTS of today
UTSAA will promote the engagement of its members in the life of the School and its future alumni.


Financial Support
UTSAA is committed to assisting UTS financially through support of student bursaries, scholarships, and school initiatives and projects.

UTSAA is committed to creating a hospitable and welcoming environment for all and to interacting with all members of the UTS community without regard to individual characteristics.


UTSAA will be independent of other stakeholders in the broader UTS community.


Openness to Member Views
UTSAA will welcome all members’ views.


Proactive engagement with members
UTSAA shall strive to engage its members in its affairs.


UTSAA strives to be representative of the distinct historical cohorts among alumni (e.g. boys school, co-ed school, etc).


UTSAA is committed to operating in an open and transparent manner.