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As I reflect on our past year, the challenges that we have faced and the changes we are currently undertaking seem immense. Yet we are not only managing, we are flourishing.

In preparation for a new school year at our temporary 30 Humbert Street location, new science labs were outfitted with the latest research-grade casework — quite a step up from our current lab benches designed between 1910 to 1925. Students explored the new bustling neighbourhood of Queen and Ossington, discovering artistic, athletic, and culinary features, which will provide added stimulation and opportunity in our new environment.

As we look forward to what life at UTS will be like for the next few years, we took the time to say a (temporary) goodbye to our historic home at 371 Bloor Street West. Over 600 alumni, students, staff, parents, and friends attended the Bon Voyage party and nostalgia reigned, as everyone had the opportunity for one final trip through the old hallways, classrooms, and stairwells. At the heart of it all are our students, who continue to give the best of themselves in all that they do.

- Rosemary Evans, Principal

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