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When UTS opened its doors in 1910, our now iconic street number – 371 – sat proudly over the main entrance, the gateway to our school, and it is still there today. Hence @371: a gateway to school news, views, and insights.

In the Classroom | 11-May-2017
By Anand Mahadevan Anand  Mahadevan is Head of Academics and a former science teacher at UTS. He was the recipient of a 2015 Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence. See also The Root (p. 4). This speech was delivered as the keynote address at the UTS... READ MORE
Special Projects | 4-May-2017
Everyone know it’s important to mark life’s milestones.  Yesterday, former UTS mathematics teacher Bruce “Nails” MacLean, who recently turned 106, did just that. However, in typical “Bruce style”, the festivities weren’t really about him.  For the fifth year running, Bruce hosted a... READ MORE
In the Classroom | 22-Apr-2017
The Envirothon competition is an annual undertaking at UTS. From September to June, it’s a challenging extracurricular – and if preparation is needed for the international competition in the summer, even beyond that. In any case, “we certainly go to the end of the school year prepping for next year... READ MORE
In the Classroom | 20-Apr-2017
When M3/Grade 9 student Kyra Gilson was charged with undertaking a sustainability initiative as part of a class last year, she looked close to home. Or rather, she looked in school! She wrote the letter below and sent it to the UTS Facilities Department at UTS. From there, Ms Martin made sure it... READ MORE
Special Projects | 13-Apr-2017
By Hannah Feldman and Sam Howard, S6/Grade 12 UTS students Over dinner one night of the November long weekend, the two of us sat and brainstormed; we needed to come up with a theme for our upcoming TEDxYouth event.  The two of us were initially interested in organizing the event because... READ MORE
In the Classroom | 6-Apr-2017
By Marc Brims, UTS Canadian & World Studies Teacher UTS is committed to using technology in ways that support learning and student growth, particularly in enabling students to work collaboratively, to be creative, to communicate their ideas, and to think critically.  This year, UTS... READ MORE
By Rosemary Evans, Principal During the month of March, I had the privilege of visiting alumni in Vancouver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In each centre, we held receptions that brought together alumni who collectively represented graduating years from 1940 to 2016. At these gatherings,... READ MORE
Yesterday was International Women’s Day. It had me reflecting on our school’s very first admissions advertisement. It ran in the Toronto Star on September 10, 1910 and touted “a day school for boys – taught by men”. In point of fact, the original intention was for the establishment of two... READ MORE
By Rosemary Evans, Principal Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently wrote that “Today, schools need to prepare students for more rapid economic and social change than ever before, for jobs that have not yet... READ MORE
At UTS, we talk about innovation a great deal – in curriculum, in pedagogy, in the use of technology – the list goes on. Many of our alumni also blaze a trail of innovation. However, sometimes, it’s easy to forget that educators and schools have been testing boundaries and trying new things for –... READ MORE


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