When UTS opened its doors in 1910, our now iconic street number – 371 – sat proudly over the main entrance, the gateway to our school, and it is still there today. Hence @371: a gateway to school news, views, and insights.

Out and About | 27-Sep-2016
Back in 2001, an enterprising coach, John L. Wickham, and students at the Olomouc–Hejcin High School in Olomouc, Czech Republic, founded The Heart of Europe Debating Tournament.  Originally a competition for European high school students, the tournament evolved and expanded in the ensuing... READ MORE
By Rosemary Evans, Principal Each year, UTS science teacher Ms. Straszynski, teaches her Foundation level students a life lesson. When speaking to each other, she asks them to consider: is what I am about to say going to contribute to building positive relations and create a strong sense of... READ MORE
By Rosemary Evans, Principal As we begin to gear up for the current academic year at UTS it is helpful to reflect on some of the challenges that face students each year. UTS provides an enriched academic program where students take as many as ten courses at a time. The program provides... READ MORE
Out and About | 15-Sep-2016
On September 14, the UTS Varsity Hockey Team ventured to the Air Canada Center to participate in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Future Goals Showcase learning event hosted by the World Cup of Hockey. This field trip highlighted some of the global nuances from the... READ MORE
In the Classroom | 16-Jun-2016
UTS science teacher Anand Mahadevan was recognized today for his outstanding commitment to his students with the 2015 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. The Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence goes to outstanding elementary and secondary school teachers in all... READ MORE
Out and About | 16-Jun-2016
On a lovely weekend in June, four UTS students were invited to the German Consulate in Toronto to be recognized by Consul General Walter Stechel for their superb accomplishments in German this year. Kieran Kreidié-Akazaki, Stephen Chankov, and Jonathan Bernick were honoured for their performance in... READ MORE
In the Classroom | 16-Jun-2016
In 2007, mathematics educator Prof. Lynn Arthur Steen said of math teaching in US schools: “High-stakes testing has forced schools to push aside subjects like history, science, music, and art in a scramble to avoid the embarrassing consequences of not making “adequate yearly progress” in... READ MORE
A recent edition of the The Economist features an article on education that is worth considering.   People often ask if we can train teachers and improve teachers’ effectiveness. Are the dollars spent on professional development worth it?  Some wonder “Are teachers born or... READ MORE