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Walk through the doors of UTS and you step into a storied and historic institution that is also alive with energy, innovation, and creativity. 

We offer high-achieving students a truly transformative experience where they thrive in a community of engaged peers and are nurtured by a team of stellar specialist educators.

We place intellectual enquiry, creativity, and breadth and depth of learning at the heart of our program along with an emphasis on wellness, physical activity and community involvement. Merit-based admission and financial accessibility are cornerstones of the UTS philosophy. Through our bursary program we work to ensure that financial limitations do not present a barrier to entry and that any child who is qualified to attend, can do so.

UTS boasts a unique urban location at a major downtown Toronto transportation hub. The school is at once part of the city it calls home, and home to students from all over the city. Consequently, it is truly reflective of the GTA. When our students graduate from UTS, they move on to a wide range of programs and universities – including some of the most well-regarded in Canada, the US, and internationally – often on scholarships. UTS is unique in Canada as the only university preparatory school located on a university campus. Our affiliation with the University of Toronto affords our students access to many U of T facilities – including library resources and sports facilities. Our students and staff are engaged in research and project partnerships with numerous university departments.

We take pride in an accepting and supportive school culture that respects individuality and celebrates diversity. The UTS community is connected and strong. Parents and alumni are active participants in the life of the school; friends made at UTS are friends for life.

Please take a look at our website, explore our social media channels, and pay us a visit. Our remarkable, forward-looking school is built on solid and illustrious foundations. And our future promises to be better still.


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