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The UTS experience is as rich and varied beyond the classroom as it is within. UTS has a history and tradition of strong co-curricular activity encompassing clubs, competitions and student government.

There are countless ways for students to discover their passions, develop their skills, become involved in student life, and take on leadership roles – as well as the opportunity to forge lasting cross-grade connections and friendships.


Through the UTS curriculum, students challenge themselves athletically, creatively and intellectually – but the learning doesn’t stop there. A vast roster of clubs and co-curriculars provide additional avenues to hone abilities and explore interests – or alight on new ones! These activities provide a forum for developing personal and academic skills, and fostering creative problem solving, teamwork and leadership. While staff members provide oversight, many of these activities are student-led initiatives. And if a student has a particular area of interest not met by current offerings, there is an annual process for proposing and launching new clubs!


UTS students are the driving force behind many aspects of their UTS experience – shaping student life through active student government, a vibrant house system and assemblies. Connections and friendships are forged within and across grades, and there are many leadership opportunities as well outlets for celebrating the endeavours and successes of the student community.

Here is a selection of the clubs and co-curricular programming currently on offer:

Amnesty Club Debating Society Student Outreach Program Stage Crew
Chess Club Drama Productions Reach for the Top Team Student Council
Community Service and Outreach UTS Environmental Action Committee Science Club The Cuspidor
(monthly student newspaper)
Classics Society International Student Exchanges SHOW The Twig
(student yearbook)
Queer/Straight Alliance Modern Language Newspaper South Ontario Model Assembly
Dance Committee Music: Bands, Choirs, Orchestras Speech & Debate uTunes