Strategic Plan Overview

Our purpose is graduating students who are instilled with a love of learning, the drive to take initiative and innovate as socially-responsible, equity-oriented global citizens.

Our Mindset 

We embrace an anti-racist approach, openly inclusive and imbued with equity. 

We welcome and celebrate our wealth of diversity.

Our work is underscored with a commitment to brave, honest conversations, bolstered by respect and enhanced by continuous learning.

Our culture of courageous curiosity

This is how we learn.

Driven by inquiry: we bravely ask challenging questions with respect.

Tackling authentic problems: we learn for the real world, seeking solutions to complex problems.

Openly exploring diverse perspectives: there is no one answer, but a multitude of viewpoints. We seek to understand the perspectives of others.

Assessing and reflecting to drive learning: student assessment serves as an opportunity for reflection to further their progress.

Applying international standards and benchmarks: we measure our efforts against international benchmarks and standards. Our students and staff aspire to global examples of excellence.

Instilling strong global competencies: at UTS, we engage students in deeper learning to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will equip them to contribute to the well-being of their communities and the planet.

Cornerstones of our Strategic Plan

Our purpose comes to life in the three cornerstones of our strategic plan.


We strive to ensure a wider pool of talented students are able to access a UTS education.
Our admissions process is based on merit, with a sharp lens on greater diversity and inclusion.
We reach out to underrepresented students and encourage them to apply.
We give students the supports and resources they need to stay and thrive at UTS.

Empowering our students and community

Create a positive school culture and a safe space for all
Foster relationships
Encourage belonging
Support mental health and wellness
Cultivate student leadership


We build synergies through the power of partnerships, which provide our students with an enriched educational experience. 

Our affiliation with the University of Toronto and location on the U of T campus, affords us partnerships with many of the University's departments and facilities.

We actively pursue opportunities for collaboration locally and globally, and engage in research projects and exchanges that provide our students with a lens on community and worldwide issues.