Strategy, Partnerships and Priorities

An exceptional school is always growing, changing, and evolving. At UTS, our commitment to continuous learning never stops. Every day our understanding of education, our students and our role in the greater world grows deeper. Admissions, student empowerment and partnerships are the cornerstones of our Strategic Plan. Equity is our mindset, instilled into everything that we do.

A school where we all belong

A bold, progressive commitment to equity and human rights carries us forward

We have a plan. We have a vision. We are vested with a deep determination. We’ve embarked on a new era for UTS in stunning, state-of-the-art renewed facilities at 371 Bloor Street West. Together, we are becoming the UTS we always knew we could be: kinder, more inclusive, more respectful, authentic and thoughtful. A place where we all belong.


Skills for a better world 

A UTS education is a transformation. We impart not only knowledge, but vital skills of character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking that carry our students forward as leaders for the future. Every day, students are challenged to be their best selves. They learn and grow together among a community of like-minded peers. After six years, this makes a lasting impact. It is not so much about what they learn as the person they become: smart, engaged, proactive and caring. Learn about the UTS difference.

Our mindset: anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion

We welcome and celebrate our diversity. Our work is underscored with a commitment to brave, honest conversations, bolstered by respect and enhanced by continuous learning. We embrace an anti-racist approach, openly inclusive and imbued with equity. Learn more about how we are reinventing our school to create equity for all.

Admissions strategy

We believe in the power of access. Our storied history is one of ambitious, young minds coming together from across the Greater Toronto Area, based on merit. Now we are reaching out to underrepresented communities, forging relationships in the hopes of expanding the UTS transformative education to an even greater diverse range of communities. Learn more about Admissions.

Empowering our students 

At UTS, we put power in the hands of our students. UTS students engage. They’re a driving force. They right wrongs, call for action, speak bravely and strive to improve the UTS experience for themselves and others. At UTS, students are agents of their own learning. Teachers are co-collaborators. This culture of empowerment permeates the UTS experience, resonating through the future lives of our students, who go on to become leaders and change-makers, visionaries and innovators, with a deep sense of social responsibility. Learn how our extensive student wellness, mentorship and guidance programs help empower students.  

The power of partnerships

Officially affiliated with the University of Toronto, our school’s robust partnerships with many University departments and faculties enrich the learning experience for our students. We also harness local, national and international partnerships. Together, we grow stronger. Read about how we collaborate with some of the brightest institutions and minds in our city, and our world.

Our knowledge hub: Eureka! Institute at UTS

UTS aims to serve as a hub of knowledge creation and mobilization that improves the quality of what we teach, and how we teach it. The Eureka! Institute at UTS is the nexus for developing and sharing this knowledge, as one of only a few education research institutes based at a secondary school in Canada. Learn more about our work at The Eureka! Institute at UTS.